Firestopping & Compartmentation

StopFire Ltd is able to offer a range of Fire Blanket to provide up to 2 hour protection.
Either mineral fibre type blankets, or extremely lightweight and thin curtains suspended from floor slabs to close voids above suspended ceilings, or fitted to roof trusses to divide roof spaces in order to achieve the required integrity and insulation.

StopFire Ltd is a recommended installer of the following manufacturer’s systems:

• Rockwool
• Firefly
• Lancaster
• Firehalt

Our Fire stopping Services include penetration seals to seal service penetrations through fire walls and floor slabs and include, Coated Fire Batts, Fire Stopping Mortars and Intumescent mastic seals.

StopFire Ltd is a recommended installer of a number of leading manufacturer’s products including:

• Hilti (GB) Ltd.
• Nullifire Ltd.
• Firetherm Ltd.
• Rockwool Ltd.
• British Gypsum Ltd
• Promat Fire Protection Ltd.

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