Offsite Coatings
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Stopfire Ltd provide on-site and offsite Fire Protection services to the construction industry.

From our 53,000 sq. ft. off-site facility at Flemington Industrial Estate Motherwell, we undertake Shotblasting and the application of specialist coating systems i.e. Passive Fire Protection (Intumescent).

The facility is well served by several overhead crane''s and a large laydown area.

 Benefits of Off - Site Fire Protection

The intumescent application process can be optimised due to the ability to control the environmental factors (temperature, humidity etc).

Construction programme improvements can be expected as fire protection is; (a) no longer on the critical path, and (b), no longer dependant on favourable weather conditions.

Spraying offsite leads to a reduced number of trades on site which simplifies the construction process.

Site safety is improved due to the reduced labour on site and due to the removal of the need to spray at heights or in hazardous locations.

Spraying offsite also removes the need to seal off areas for spraying, takes away the potential for overspray and reduces issues with solvent emissions on site.

You can download the benefits of offsite intumescent application at the bottom of this page.




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Shotblasting in operation (Courtesy of Corus)

Offsite Facility

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